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Adopt Healthier Eating Habits

If you Google “weight loss” or “healthy eating” you might be overwhelmed by all the different diets, and tricks and changes being thrown at you. It seems as if every other day there is a new, magic diet using words such as “quick” and “easy”. There is no quick and easy way to being [...]

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Not Your Common Headache: Managing Life with Migraines

Migraine or Headache? Headaches, one of the most common nervous-system disorders, range from uncomfortable annoyances to debilitating. Because of their dubious symptoms, headache disorders are under-reported and under-treated. Read full Article

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Risks of Pharmaceutical Painkillers

What are Opioids? Opioids are drugs prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. They are a psychoactive substance made from the opium poppy or synthetic analogues. Opioids are often prescribed for people following surgery, injuries, or to treat severe health conditions. Read full Article

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Shingles Pain What is and how to Manage?

What is Shingles? Shingles occurs when the virus responsible for chickenpox reactivates in the body. As shingles affects the nerve roots leading to the skin, it often causes the affected area to tingle, itch and causes a rash that can be very painful. Read full Article

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