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Lid O Creme is natural, safe and easy to use on the go. Request your free sample with no hidden cost. Don’t let mild to medium chronic pain stand in the way of your day Get your Lid O Creme sample, roll on and live pain free!



Pain is inconvenient and unavoidable. It can pop up as the result of a strenuous job, exercise, sports or a side effect of a chronic condition. Whatever the cause, pain can interfere with daily life and extreme solutions may sound tempting. Reaching for high-strength painkillers or opioids has the potential to lead to harmful dependencies. Lid O Creme, on the other hand, contains lidocaine, listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a safe first alternative to systemic medications. Before talking to your doctor about extreme and potentially addictive solutions for your chronic pain, try Lid O Creme. The anesthetic properties of lidocaine numb the affected area, along with menthol as a counterirritant. Lid O Creme is not only a safe way to manage pain, but a natural remedy. Made with plant compounds that have been used for centuries to heal chronic conditions, this product steers clear of toxins and chemicals to heal holistically. If you are experiencing mild to medium pain, Lid O Creme is a possible solution.  


Lid O Creme is a fast acting fast-acting, maximum-strength topical pain relief compound that provides a solution to manage pain. Lidocaine, part of the local anesthetics family, combined with natural homeopathic ingredients, work together as a complementary healing emollient.


Lid O Creme is an easy-to-use solution for muscle pain. Apply Lid O Creme on to the affected area and allow the lidocaine and the menthol to quickly alleviate the pain. Natural ingredients such as chamomile, eucalyptus and willow bark contain anti-inflammatory compounds to fight swelling, and penetrate deep into the skin.Lid O Creme is a safe and simple solution for muscle injuries and small sprains, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal pain (joints and ligaments), neuropathic pain (injured tissue), inflammatory pain and itching relief as a result of sunburns or bug bites. Lid O Creme works as a standalone treatment and should not be used with heating pads or any kind of heat. Avoid tight bandaging


Can be used to treat:

Neuropathic pain: This is the result of injured tissue. It occurs when the pain centers receive the wrong signals from damaged nerve fibers. Neuropathic pain disturbs the function of one to several nerves. Many diseases have neuropathic pain as a listed symptom. How do you know if you are suffering from neuropathic pain? Symptoms include a shooting or stabbing pain, numbness or pressure on the skin. Lid O Creme contains natural ingredients to help treat pain associated with neuropathic pain. If the condition doesn’t improve, it could be the result of something more serious and you should talk to your healthcare professional.Musculoskeletal pain: Musculoskeletal pain is very common and is caused mainly by injuries to the bones, muscles, joints, or ligaments. Even jerking motions as a result of a car accident or fall can cause musculoskeletal pain in the form of a fracture or sprain. You might be at risk of musculoskeletal pain without realizing it. Lower back pain from poor posture can occur while working at your desk. Symptoms of musculoskeletal pain include stiffness, aching, and burning in the muscles.