Pain & Muscle Relief Gel

with Biopolysan®

With NeuroMax, you're getting the only product on the market

with Biopolysan®

A naturally derived and patented formula that drives the ingredients into the affected tissue, delivering relief in seconds all with a cooling, pleasant sensation, complimented by a light scent.


¿Why Neuromax?

NeuroMax is a unique fast-acting, non-greasy pain relief gel that uses ALL NATURAL ingredients to effectively combat aches and pains. Methyl Salicylate provides powerful pain-fighting action, while eight natural homeopathic agents work together to provide additional anti-inflammatory properties and condition/ protect the skin.


Day to day routines, work, and exercising commonly result in different degrees of pain due to intensity, conditions, and frequency. Managing pain as soon as it starts showing is crucial; otherwise, it can end up affecting other body parts not directly related to the source of discomfort. For example, someone with pain on their left knee will probably –and unconsciously- put all their weight on the right one, and this one could be seriously affected in the long term. The same thing can happen with back or shoulder pain.

There are plenty of remedies for pain, but they’re sometimes too invasive and aggressive, like surgery. Of course, most people just want to solve the problem quickly and without so much fuss; surgery doesn’t really serve that purpose. It’s actually extremely fussy, and post-op recovery is always slow and inconvenient. Therefore, many will rather turn to palliatives that include painkillers like Aspirin® or topical products such as Ben-Gay®. Unfortunately, those contain artificial substances that could cause more harm in the long run. To avoid these risks and find prompt relief, it’s highly recommended to seek more natural and less toxic options like NeuroMAX Pain Gel.​


The ingredients contained in NeuroMAX promote all natural pain relief. They include: Biopolysan®, methyl salicylate, and homeopathic agents. If you read the labels of other OTC products, even other pain relief gels, you’ll notice that the list of components is way longer and way harder to pronounce. That’s not strange if we take into account they come from a lab; natural solutions are as simple and kind as Mother Nature. Here are the benefits of the natural ingredients in NeuroMAX:

Biopolysan®: Derived from coconut, it works directly over the affected tissue. This is why NeuroMAX can offer almost instant pain relief.​

Methyl Salicylate: It works as a rubefacient (stimulating blood circulation) and a natural painkiller, increasing the effectiveness of NeuroMAX.​

Homeopathic Agents: Non-toxic, natural pain killers and anti-inflammatories, holistically combined to complete the thorough action of NeuroMAX.​


So what’s the solution to muscle pain in the back, shoulders or any other body area? Physical therapy could do, but it’s not always enough for reducing swelling. Natural relief gels like NeuroMAX are a perfect complement in order to fight that sometimes excruciating pain. Simply apply and rub the gel on the skin over the affected area, and take it easy for a bit before you get yourself back in the game.

All muscle injuries can be treated with NeuroMAX: quadriceps, calves, biceps, triceps, or even neck muscles. Bottom line is that pain relief gels help stopping the pain right away, while the body’s natural healing processes get to work. An all-natural pain relief gel like NeuroMAX guarantees your body remains free from toxic substances, a critical factor to make sure your body really heal and become able to handle the tasks you must complete every day. Don’t wait until there’s a problem; get a natural pain relief gel like NeuroMAX today.​


Let’s look at the shoulders. This part of the body has many small muscles that often bear too heavy loads during exercise or hard work. Lifting, pulling, and pushing aggravate the tension and pressure on these muscles, and if we aren’t careful, our shoulders might end up needing serious therapy or even surgery. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t always have to be the case. One of the easiest ways to keep your shoulder strength is to properly train those tiny muscles. In fact, the rotator cuff itself doesn’t have traditional ligaments but small, thick bands of muscle holding the joint in place instead. Therefore, natural relief gels like NeuroMAX are beneficial since they reduce swelling and keep the joint in place, preventing further discomforts. Just like the shoulders, back pain also might require attention.


The back is the base of all our upper body movements. Without a healthy back, simple things like getting up and sitting become painful and grueling. That’s not the kind of life we want, do we? In fact, the most common pain complaint is related to the back. There’s nothing like a bad backache to halt an otherwise perfectly active life.

Bad backs ruin many athletes’ lives and careers mercilessly. If that’s the case of those who train at the highest levels, just imagine what it’ll do to common people who aren’t athletes but need to stay healthy in order to work.

The truth is that back injuries are a major cause of increasing disability and escalating costs of health care and lost wages. Back pain often starts because of muscle fatigue or overuse. Several back muscles are interdependent, so forcing some in order to compensate others under stress and strain will cause more damage, including the exacerbation of disk problems which we all know easily become chronic with no coming back path.

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Why wait? Get a free sample at no cost and try it out. There’s no reason for bearing muscle aches and pain when such a feasible way is available to have the high quality life you obviously desire! What’s there to lose?


I used to play sports a lot when I was younger, after I turned 30, I noticed a lot of different aches in my shoulders and knees. I don’t like taking aspirin and started using NeuroMax. It is awesome and works quick! Now I feel like I can be as active as I’d like instead of worrying about how sore I’ll be the next day!”

Mike Rogers, 34

I grew up taking over the counter medicine whenever I was in pain and after I ended up in the hospital with an unrelated liver condition, I struggled finding ways to relieve pain. I like Icy Hot but it’s greasy and has a smell like I’m in the doctor’s office. A friend showed me NeuroMax, and now I am a fan! All I do is rub it on the sore area and all is good. I’m glad that I can have pain relief AND take care of my liver.”

Sam Velez, 48

I’m no longer as active as I used to be and getting around at my age is not easy. Now I find myself avoiding activity because I THINK it will cause pain. I’m tired of living my life based around pain. When I found NeuroMax, I found the life that I had missed – my only regret is not finding it sooner.”

Darry Wilson, 68 
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